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3 Ways To Combine Your Love For Makeup + Music

3 Ways To Combine Your Love For Makeup + Music

It's no secret that beauty + music, while different, can often go hand in hand. And if you're here reading this, it's fair to say you likely find passion and joy within both (we do too, we get you 🖤). That being said, it only made sense to create a space for this topic... 3 WAYS TO COMBINE YOUR LOVE FOR MAKEUP + MUSIC.
Let us let you in on a not so secret secret... there is no true blueprint for this. It stems from the passion within and the need to create. This can manifest in many different ways, all boiling down to the inspiration you feel when you hear that one song (which one came to mind?!) or when you see that one palette that has your own personal aesthetic written ALLL over it (yeah, we're looking @ you MIW x Curst Collab). Let it consume you. Let it lead you to the art you feel called to create. Maybe even combine the two 💅🏽 Let's dive in.


1. Create A Makeup Look Inspired By One Of Your Favorite Albums

This could be album art recreated entirely or even color schemes bringing out the general aesthetic and vibe of the album.

Example: @_queenofthedamned_666


Using: Moon Powder (Loose Translucent Powder)


2. Attend A Concert In Your Best Tour Flyer Inspired Look

How do the colors make you feel? Are you going for more edgy, feminine, etc.? This is all up to you and your own personal interpretation and creative direction. Bonus points if you style an outfit in line with this.

Example: @thevoguecreatrix


Using: BloodMoon Matte Lip Potion


3. Post A Makeup Look Using Your Most Recent Song Obsession

This could be a recreation, inspired moment, or unique interpretation of the song. The important thing is that you use the song when you post (video or photo!) to evoke the vibe in a full circle moment.

Example: @madamcurst


Using: (Shh, it's not released yet 🤫)


...& there's more where those came from. Let us know if you have any personal ways of combining your love for beauty + music in the comments. These are a few of ours, in the makeup realm of course! OH, and don't forget to tag us in your looks (music related + otherwise).
We're happy you're here!
XOXO, Curst 🖤
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