About Madam


Best Long Lasting Lipstick

Mariel Pabst is known as Madam in her Curst World of Makeup. Madam is a Professional Paranormal Researcher /Ghost Hunter for her own series "Ghost Vlogs" Est. 2017 with Inglewood Films. 1st season of GhostVlogs can be seen on Amazon Prime, Vidi Space and Youtube.

Mariel got her first inspiration for makeup while filming the episode "Needful Things" as she was in a crawl space and wished there was longer lasting lipstick that didn't need to be reapplied. This is where it all started.

Mariel would become "Madam" in her brand called "Curst Kosmetics™" Est. in 2018.

Madam has always been inspired with the Supernatural and the Tales of witches and went on to Create Makeup that is Cruelty Free With the gift of a Magickal experience with every purchase. 

Curst is the archaic spelling of cursed.

We wanted to keep true to the experience with "Curst".

Archaic Spelling of Magic.

Why did we choose Kosmetics with a "K"? Because we wanted to incorporate Magick in our brand so we added the "K" to cosmetics. 

Curst Kosmetics™ Donates 10% of orders to Women in Domestic Violence Abuse. 

XOXO, Madam

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