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Product Spotlight: Undead Foundation + Concealer

Product Spotlight: Undead Foundation + Concealer

"The one and only foundation that can transform you into an UNDEAD beauty! This long-lasting duo will keep you radiant and flawless all day."

Matte Finish. Long Wearing. Sweat Proof.
Versatility. The component comes with a compact flip lid, filled with concealer. The top pops off to expose the foundation pump.
Concealer Details: Creamy + highly pigmented, covering all your blemishes. Apply before foundation and get ready to feel Undead with our smooth formula.

Foundation Details: The final step to achieving a truly UNDEAD look! Apply with either a foundation brush or our Curst beauty sponge to turn yourself into vampire royalty.


DON'T FORGET! Finish Your UNDEAD look with our Moon PowdersAvoid direct contact with eyes. Store in a cool and dry place. For external use only. Keep out of reach of children.



To shop the Undead Foundation + Concealers, click here.


We will never get over seeing you in our products. We love it! Tag us in your looks using the Undead Foundation + Concealer. We'll see you next time. XOXO, Curst 🖤

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The foundations have been out of stock shortly after they launched. I hope they will restock cause I definitely want to try to find a better shade (I got the wrong shade before 🥺)


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