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Artist Spotlight: Shayne and Jack Townson

Artist Spotlight: Shayne and Jack Townson

 Join us in welcoming Shayne and Jack Townson to the Curst Capsule 🩸


Who are Shayne and Jack Townson?

Jack Townson  

"An actor, singer, and writer, Jack has been a part of many different projects, being most known for The Vampire Jack Townson original story on TikTok, which delves deep into the secret life of a monster and what it means to find your humanity once more. Jack invites us to take a look into the mind of an undead bohemian, an artist, and a creature of the night who has found himself trapped in a world of nightmares and a life without sunlight, never to feel the warmth of day or the permanence of true love."

Shayne Townson 

"Channeling over a decade of experience of film and music into fiction, Shayne's debut novel, Of Light and Darkness, has landed on coveted bestsellers lists, reaching over forty-thousand readers. She strives to write and develop works that appeal to readers who favor a darker fare. Shayne is currently working on developing new dark fantasy works, including two film projects, a few secret novel projects, as well as co-starring in an ongoing web series created by and starring The Vampire Jack Townson on Tiktok."


As fellow Mavens and wearers of Curst, we wanted to feature this stunning couple, giving you their thoughts Q+A style. Let's get into it 🥀


1. What does being a vampire mean to you?

Jack: "To me, being a vampire is to strive for something more than just being 'human.’ It is to walk effortlessly through the night, amassing forbidden knowledge as well as creating beautiful art that lasts beyond mortality. It is also, however, to be an example to those around me, and to guide others to strive to live romantically and supernaturally in their own ways. It is also, of course, to be metal as f***."
Shayne: "I definitely don't identify as a vampire, but loving vampires and being vampire-adjacent has been the greatest adventure of my life. I love the character archetype; the monster who still struggles with their humanity. It puts the human experience under a magnifying glass and I think that's really poetic."

2. What does being in a relationship with a vampire entail?

Jack: "Being in a relationship with a vampire requires a few things: understanding, patience, and the thrill for adventure (as well as a strong pulse). To prepare for journeys across darkness that are both enlightening, seductive, and terrifying. To prepare for passion and romance, and unflinching dedication."
Shayne: "Lots of magic! There is always something fun lurking behind the chaos. Going to bed at odd hours, being the interesting people in the neighborhood, and things like that. But mostly, it entails living romantically and romanticizing normal every day practices. Living life (ironically) just feels special!"

3. Shayne, what is a detail within your novel ‘Of Light and Darkness’ that was important to you to incorporate?

Shayne: "Found family is my favorite trope. I love the idea of choosing your people and having your people choose you and incorporating a cast of characters who are all very different from one another, but find common ground in their love for one another."

4. Jack, what is a detail within your novel ‘The Vampire Jack Townson’ that was important to you to incorporate?

Jack: "Oh, so many! To pick just one is a crime! If I was to pick a few, they would be Jack's realization that undeath doesn't solve his problems, it only creates brand new ones.. that beautiful beings with enticing offers can usually be the most terrifying. And that even through the hardest of situations (even those that obliterate who you are), you can still find ways to thrive and rise."

5. Shayne, will there be a sequel novel in the future?

Shayne: "I have already published the sequel to Of Light and Darkness, called Of Blood and Magic! The audio book is coming soon. The third book Of Stars and Monsters will be out shortly as well!"

6. Jack, will there be a sequel novel in the future?

Jack: "Absolutely! I plan for many! In fact, I'm hard at work (amongst all of the others tasks I've set myself to) to finish the second novel already! As I type this, I am hitting over the halfway point. I am very excited for this one, it is our journey to a world never before seen. Draconia. A world of monsters."

7. Where/who/what do you draw inspiration from in your creative endeavors?

Jack: "Oh, so many things! My exeriences through my twisted and bizarre life, my passion for all things vampire (video games, movies, literature, and music), my incredible partner Shayne who is the light to my darkness (wink), and my incredible community who has supported me through all of my chaotic endeavors cheering me on."
Shayne: "I really love looking to other storytellers who I admire. Some great examples of who I get the majority of my inspiration from are Guillermo Del Toro, Anne Rice, and V. E. Schwab."

8. What would you label this era of your career/life?

Jack: “I would label this: The Awakening. When I finally stepped into the shoes of my dark destiny and walked over all who doubted me. With love, of course.”
 Shayne: "My vampire-romance era....but to be honest...I live my whole life in this era."

9. What’s your preference: Pencil/gel or liquid eyeliner?

Jack: “THAT is tough! Oof, I would have to say pencil! I love liquid, but I SUCK AT IT! I'm not ashamed to admit!”
Shayne: "My favorite liner HAS to be the Curst Batty Liner... it stays on all night and is the most pigmented!"

10. What’s your preference: Lipstick or a liquid lip?

Jack: “Oh, lipstick. Mmph. Can't go wrong with it, honestly.”
Shayne: "I love the control of a liquid lip and they tend to last longer for me."

11. What is your go-to Curst product?

Jack: “OH! I love the BITES palatte! My good friend Leida's! I love the color Vein, ironically.”
Shayne: "100% hands down the Curst emPLUMPING oil. I reach for that every day."

12. Who is an underrated artist/band you think deserves more love?

Jack: “Underrated artist that deserves more love, that's easy! My good friend Purge from Tiktok. He is an incredible actor and character artist. He’s also an incredible person with one of the biggest hearts I know!”
Shayne: "Right now, I am LOVING Ethel Cain so much. And Morgan Clae's vocals are absolutely insane."

13. What can fans expect to see next from you? As an individual and as a couple.

Jack: “Next up is something incredible, a project that is three years in the making! My partner and I have set out on the task to create a feature film based on the book series! It is slated for 2025-2026, and is a vampire horror/romance inspired by classics like Princess Bride/Howl's Moving Castle/Labrynth. I also have an incredible music collaboration with Jaquelin Lankford of Mississipi State University, which I am beyond honored to be a part of!”
Shayne: "Right now, we are in the midst of promoting the Kickstarter Campaign for our feature film project, ACROSS THE VEIL, which is a fantasy romance starring some of your favorite TikTok creators! The mood is very similar to Stardust, The Labyrinth, and The Princess Bride."

14. Additionally:

Jack: “I would like to take a moment to thank all of the fans and of course, Curst, for being so incredible. You have all made this journey a dream I could never have imagined in all of my nightmares. Thank you, from the bottom of my black little heart.”


Shayne: “Find out more about ACROSS THE VEIL here:


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Thank u for this!! Love Jack and Shayne soooo much. Because of their influence I am living my authentic self and now I but Curst!!! Love all your products!!!

Dawn Ferrin

Oh how I love these two love that their passions seem to complement each other. I hope to have a love like that in future 😊❤️

Jessica Hilden

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