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Small (Alt) Business Feature: The Pretty Cult

Small (Alt) Business Feature: The Pretty Cult

What is The Pretty Cult (TPC)? 

...a prominent alternative brand in the occult fashion space, designed and created by Arielle Salsa (@satans.seamstress). From unique pieces to handcrafted jewlery and perfumes, The Pretty Cult has something for everyone. An inclusive, female owned, occult brand based in Los Angeles.


Speaking with owner, Arielle, let's learn more about The Pretty Cult's journey, present offerings, future endeavors, + more. Q+A style!



1. When did TPC officially launch?

"Technically, the brand was founded in 2012, which first started as a side hobby while I worked my day job in music. Eventually, I got tired of working for someone else's goals and decided to try this thing on my own!"

2. What products were a part of the first drop (the OGs)?

"TPC was actually founded on upcycled vintage and a product that has been around since day 1 is the flannel. While no longer upcycled, flannel has always been a huge part of this brand. Tarot patches also came on early on as well and I eventually wanted to create my own tarot. Now we have the flannel as it is today!"

3. Where/who/what do you draw inspiration from in your TPC creations?

"I am heavily inspired by music, history, architecture, and of course, witchcraft. I am a huge history person and avid reader so many designs are inspired by past times, and of course musicians/music are also a huge source of inspiration!"

4. Were there other brand names you considered before running with The Pretty Cult?

"When deciding on the name, I really wanted something that made people feel apart of something, and also was a play on a band name. There weren’t really others in the running but The Pretty Cult name was born when I decided to combine the word “Pretty” (the feeling we want to invoke) and “Cult” after Blue Oyster Cult funny enough! I am a huge fan of classic rock."

5. Are all your designs done in house? What is your production process?

"I handle all designs, from artwork to clothing design. We have an awesome manufacture in Los Angeles and a printer in Long Beach. We strive very hard to keep as many items as we possibly can made here in LA and work with other brands we know are paying fair wages and have good working conditions. 
A lot of our jewelry and all apothecary items are created by us here in the studio."

6. What is your most favorite piece or product you’ve created?

"This is a hard one! I think my Cult Collection dresses are some of my favorites! The Covenant dress, Bad Ritual Skirt, and HellBender on top of the list." View the Cult Collection here.

7. Pencil/gel or liquid eyeliner?

"Pencil only cause I cant do eyeliner to save my life!"

8. Lipstick or a liquid lip?

"Lipstick forever and always!"

9. What’s your favorite Curst product?

"We just had the Tombstone Matte Lip potion at our launch party, so I think that is my current fav!"

10. If someone wanted to model or create with TPC, how should they contact you?

"Sending us a DM on Instagram or reaching out via email is totally fine. If emailing, please include links and profile must not be on private!"

11. What can people expect to see next from you + TPC?

"Having just released our first oracle deck ever (view here), I am wanting to do more with the artwork and incorporate them into other designs! We also have some really cool collabs cookin that I am excited to share as soon as I can!"

12. Additionally:

Model email:
Instagram: @theprettycult 
Tiktok: @theprettycult 
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I love this brand! It’s so cool to see curst interview my favorite people! I own a few shirts from this company! it was a cool to read! Thank you for making reading content! We need more of this from brands!


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